Runestones are commissioned works of art by Elizabeth Bryan-Jacobs and Bobby Jacobs. They are inspired by ancient Runestones dating back to the 4th century BC, primarily found in  Scandinavia. These ancient raised stones used the Runic alphabet and corresponding symbols to commemorate expeditions and events, or to celebrate the lives and memories of individuals.  Elizabeth and Bobby create contemporary Runestones that feature personalized, Runic text inscriptions that honor and reflect these same tenets in modern times.

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SoulMating (Detail)
SoulMating  (Detail)

From Debby Williams, MA., Curator, Museum Director, Art Historian, Arts Administrator, and Director of Art in Public Places, Oklahoma:

“It is difficult, if not impossible, to not have a visceral reaction to the “Journey” Runestone. Elizabeth and Bobby Jacobs have imbued this sculpture with layers upon layers of experience and meaning for the viewer so it draws you in, refusing to let you go.

Art has the ability to transcend time, geography, language and culture, and this Runestone is the tangible epitome of that belief. Often, at the heart of a work of art there is a story to be shared. This is true of ancient Runestones, and this contemporary one as well. It is the universality of the human experience that empowers Elizabeth and Bobby’s artwork, that undeniable calming thread; that link.

Looking at the shape of the stone, the hard surfaces seem malleable but are not. The contrast of the textures beautifully play off each other. Symbols, lines, and designs envelope the entire stone in carving that simultaneously appears ancient and rough, but are of today; forever relevant and elegant.

I would imagine that every time you are with this Runestone, you will see something new, something different; depending on the time, season, and light. Perhaps you would see what you need to see at that time, it is like a gift given if you are open to receiving it- and a wonderful one, at that.”

Prices available upon request. All art sale proceeds are donated
to, a New York State 501(c)3.