Bobby Jacobs’ hand-carved vessels are sculpted from rare, old, fallen trees in upstate New York. Trees that have been down 15 – 25 years and over 200-years-old provide the unique textures and exceptional scale that are characteristic of Bobby’s work. Because these trees are so rare, it can take up to one year to find one tree that can yield only two vessels.
Environmental sustainability is a cornerstone of all Jacobs’ work: by using trees that have fallen, the natural beauty of the forest is protected. Unused sections of the fallen trees are left on the ground, preserving the delicate ecosystem. This remaining wood leaves a physical layer of organic materials above the ground, providing shelter, nesting and bedding materials to a variety of wildlife.
Il Mezzo by Bobby Jacobs - Bowl by Bobby Jacobs
Il Mezzo
Moulin Rouge - Bowl by Bobby Jacobs
Moulin Rouge
Burrone - Bowl by Bobby Jacobs
Natural Burl Table
Burrone - Bowl by Bobby Jacobs
Trovato - Bowl by Bobby Jacobs
La Orma - Bowl by Bobby Jacobs
La Orma
Southamptom - Bowl by Bobby Jacobs
Mid-tree Burl
Southamptom - Bowl by Bobby Jacobs
Seconde Vie - Bowl by Bobby Jacobs
Seconde Vie
Le Secret Cache - Bowl by Bobby Jacobs
Le Secret Cache
Mystère - Bowl by Bobby Jacobs
Bellazza Bionda
Bellazza Bionda
Bobby Jacobs, Burl
Hand Carved Cherry Burl
Each vessel is individually carved and treated through a proprietary finishing process. Dark lines (spalting), water stains, and sensual wooden curves are highlighted, reflecting nature’s never-ending transitions.
Jacobs’ vessels are an art form that highlight and share one of the earth’s most beautiful and natural resources, while preserving the relationship between human culture and the natural world.

Prices available upon request. All art sale proceeds are donated to, a New York State 501(c)3.