“Nature always wears the color of the spirit.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

The continual interplay and connectedness of the natural world and the human form has always fascinated me and informed my art. Tree limbs appear as outstretched arms and winding legs; human shapes and the internal workings of the body merge with the terrain in a continual flow of artistic imagery. Textures, organic structures, earthen palettes and found materials are all integral to visually bringing the outside world in, and the inside world out.

I see nature as a metaphor for daily life; never-ending transitions of growth, death, and re-birth that change with every moment. Art making provides me with a language that expresses the immediate moment while reflecting these ongoing cycles. I create, destroy and re-create my art, often times shredding, cutting down, building up and turning things around, intentionally painting over something, harvesting from something else; all to see what new beauty and unplanned imagery arises from what existed before. Whether using found wood, cast bronze leaves and branches, canvas, oil, paper, watercolor or some combination of each, all materials offer up a different gift.


Detail, Unfolding

Wood, cast bronze branches, canvas paint, 2015

For me, nature is far too beautiful to replicate. I can only visually express my experience of it in the hopes that this resonates with viewers; awakening some part of their psyche to the knowledge that we are all the same, we all come from the earth; we are growing and dying with every moment, and yes, we are all in this together.

Elizabeth Bryan Jacobs
-Elizabeth Bryan-Jacobs, 2016